Podcast Correction

As we state in our podcast, we are willing to be wrong and/or corrected meanwhile we continue to immerse ourselves in the study of the MCRP bylaws (old and new), the SREC bylaws, the RPT rules and the Texas Election Code. In this case, we are correcting ourselves after further reading:

We mention in the podcast that the new bylaws do not have a provision requiring the CEC to vote on new bylaws every two years at its organizational meeting and we suggested this was an intentional mechanism to “lock in the bylaws.” While it is true that such language was removed in the new bylaws, it does not exempt the CEC from the RPT rules which do require all CECs to vote on new bylaws at the start of every organizational meeting.

As you see in our posts above, we still assert that the mechanism to vote in bylaws at an organizational meeting can be legitimately disputed and the SREC should address this in a more definitive manner than they have (even in the events of the last 6 days).