The Splintering of the MCRP

In our inaugural podcast, we discuss the division of the Montgomery County Republican Party into two entities driven by the adoption of new bylaws on June 26, 2018 by the County Executive Committee (CEC). We discuss the validity of their implementation and things about them that you might want to know when considering the role they may play in the future of the MCRP.

Spoiler alert: we think the bylaws were adopted improperly and while there are certainly some great things in the new bylaws and in the actions that the “MCRP New” is taking, there are also some real head-scratchy things in them.

To be clear, this is not a podcast that attempts to preserve power for Dr. Wally Wilkerson, Chairperson of the MCRP… we have no affiliation or allegiance, we’re just a couple of conservatives attempting to understand this situation without all the propaganda. In fact, given that Dr. Wilkerson and his allegiance had a three week heads-up, it’s stunning that he (they) didn’t have a better understanding of their own bylaws and action plan for that June 26th meeting. We attempt to stick to the facts by looking at: 1) the manner in which the bylaws were changed and 2) the actual text of the new bylaws. Toward the end we do add conjecture while exploring possible motives for the group that drove the changes.

It is our hope that people on both sides of the issue will find value here.

Andrea and I are new to the creation of podcasts. This one goes a bit long and probably jumps around a bit. I promise we will get better at doing them. I have new found respect for the preparation that radio and podcast hosts must take on to drive a pithy presentation.

In episode 2, we’ll introduce ourselves in greater detail before we move to other topics in episode 3. We welcome your encouragement, constructive feedback and corrections.

God bless!

Scott & Andrea Custer, “Side of Reason”